Alloy Wheel Refurbishment

Do your alloy wheels look scratched and tired? Would you like that curb damage to disappear? Give your alloy wheels an alloy wheel refurbishment at our workshop in Sittingbourne, Kent.

You will be amazed at how refurbished wheels can improve the appearance of your car.

You can drop your alloy wheels off for refurbishment or just leave your car with us for a day, with the wheels attached, and we will refurbish your wheels to suit your requirements. You can drop your car off to us in the morning and collect it that same evening as you can have all four wheels refurbished in just ONE day!

Once booked in our experienced technician will dedicate his day to YOUR alloy wheels only. This allows him plenty of time to ensure that each stage of the refurbishment is carried out to the highest quality. No need to remove your alloy wheels from your car either, we do it all for you. If it's easier for you and you need to leave your car with us overnight it will be quite safe in our alarmed unit and fully covered by our insurance. 

Thinking of selling your car? First impressions really count. Make sure the alloy wheels are looking their best and have them refurbished by Magic Mend before advertising it. Refurbished alloy wheels will make your car look really smart and could help you make that sale. If your car trim could do with a tidy up we can help you with that at the same time. 

Have you scratched an alloy wheel and don't need the hassle of the 'other half' finding out? It's not a problem with regards to how many wheels you need refurbished. We take as much pride in our work whether you need one alloy wheel refurbished or all four and we can be incredibly discreet!

We can offer you many colours to choose from to customise your car and smarten it up. Find out more about our alloy wheel painting services here. You can easily enhance your car with customised or refurbished alloy wheels. After your alloy wheel refurbishment you can purchase a pot of 'Touch-up Paint' which will be a perfect match to the colour your wheels have been done in. This will enable you to touch-up any little scratches you might make once you've left us.

If you need to leave your car with us to have your alloy wheel refurbishment you don't have to worry about it as we will use a car cover to protect it from dust and damage. Your car is your pride and joy and we respect that.

We welcome enquiries from Trade or the Public so if you are interested in getting some alloy wheels refurbished just give us a call. Alloy Wheels are refurbished to the highest standard who ever the customer is.

Check out our testimonials to view feedback from satisfied customers.

Magic Mend alloy wheel refurbishment in Kent

Magic Mend alloy wheel refurbishment in Kent

Magic Mend alloy wheel refurbishment in Kent

Guaranteed complete alloy wheel refurbishment within 48 hours

You’ll be amazed at the difference refurbished wheels can make to your car, so go on, give us a call and book your alloy wheels in for an alloy wheel refurbishment TODAY!

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