Upholstery & Trim Repairs

Leather Repairs

Do you have rips and scratches on the leather seats in your car? Even the smallest of rips can make your car look used, tatty and cheap. We can mend scratches and rips in your leather car seats. You wouldn't even notice that the damage had been there.

For more information you can visit our dedicated leather repair site at www.leatherfurniturerepairsuk.co.uk.
Upholstery Repairs

Simple and economical ways to deal with rips, tears, scuffs and cigarette burns to upholstery. We can do repairs to fabric and leather seats at a fraction of the cost of replacement.

This is done by adding new fibres to fabric upholstery and flexible filler and special durable paint to leather upholstery. Burn holes and scratches are repaired to look almost invisible. We also repair cigarette burns to head linings and A posts. Even the smallest damage can affect the appearance of your car so let us fix it for you.

Trim Repairs

Is the interior trim of your car damaged? We can repair damage like scuffs, scratches and holes in your cars interior trim.

Exterior door mouldings, interior door mouldings, textured bumpers, door mirror cases, textured panelling and glove compartments can all be repaired and re-textured. If you need the interior trim of your car repaired please contact us and we'll be happy to discuss your needs.

Why not get that car trim repair sorted at the same time as having your alloy wheels refurbished? We can do it all at Magic Mend.

Dashboard Repairs

Is your car dashboard damaged or faded by the sun? We can repair damage to most plastics including fading, scuffs, scratches and holes.

If you need to give your car a face-lift or if you are considering selling it, we can help you make it look like new again. If your steering wheel is looking a bit tired we can re-texture and re-colour it to look as good as new. Contact us and we'll be happy to discuss your car dashboard repair needs.